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Louisbourg Town
The community of Louisbourg with a population of 1265 is located on the southeast coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It is easily accessible by road and air. Louisbourg's major attraction is the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. It has a facinating history and the site of 2 of Canada's major Battles,Friendly folk and Beautiful scenery raging surf and sandy beaches also await you in Louisbourg.
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From the Sydney Bypass (route 125) take exit 8 toward Louisbourg. Drive about twenty minutes until you come to the town of Louisbourg. Just past the S&L Railway Museum, turn left onto Havenside Road. Follow this road (keeping to the right) until you come to the Louisbourg lighthouse and parking lot. The trail starts on the far side of the parking lot.

Trail Info
Level: 5/5
Type: Coastal, Historical
Activities: Coastal hike following a route traveled since the early 1700's.
Trail Length: The hike to Big Lorraine is 14 km (return).
Facilities: There are stores in the town of Louisboug.


Coastal Connections Trail Association
Contact: Mike Hunter
7524 Main Street
Louisbourg, NS B1C 1J2
Phone: (902) 371-1185
Email: mike_hunter@cbu.ca
Sunday, March 28, 2010
 Coastal Connections Trail Association is planning the grand opening for the Lighthouse Trail on June 6, 2010. 
Friday, March 5, 2010

You will never find a more historical hike then the Lighthouse Trail. The present day lighthouse is actually the fourth to be built on this point, the original being the first built inCanada, in 1734. Lighthouse point was the sight of the English attack onBattery Island which guards the entrance to Louisbourg Harbour. Battery point was a first deference for the Fortress of Louisbourg, the largest historical reconstruction inNorth America. About one hour down the trail you will find Wolfe's cove, the actual site where the English landed with their canons. As you walk, think of the English troops dragging six cannons along these cliffs and bogs to the lighthouse.

Thursday, March 4, 2010
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